Do you know how you will decorate your dream house at an affordable price after your purchase? Finding the right furniture is one of the hardest processes for your home abroad. Our company helps you to find the first-class materials for your home.

What is the Furniture Service?
Furniture service is one of the after-sale services that Sell Property Turkey offers to its customers. This service ensures you to buy the right furniture for your newly-built property. When we finalize the property purchase process, our sales team helps you to buy furniture and decorate your home quickly by meeting you with the right suppliers. We are always there for you during this time also.

How Do We Provide the Furniture Service?
Our team cooperates with many quality and reliable furniture companies in the region. Firstly, we determine the furniture that you need according to the house. After that, we make the research in catalogs, websites and among companies according to your budget. We follow the best campaigns, opportunities and trendy products.
We help you to buy the white goods, kitchen appliances, electric appliances, living room, bedroom and dining room furniture, home accessories, decoration materials, sitting groups, beds, sofas, and lighting fixtures of your desired quality and budget. And, we do not get a commission from these deals.
With the help of Sell Property Turkey after sales service, you can decorate your home as fast as possible. As a result, you save time and money.

Sell Property Turkey is proud to give service based on customers’ 100% happiness with the professional sales team.

If you want to find the right furniture for your dream home, please contact us for more details.