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How to buy Property in Turkey?
Buying property in Turkey is a very easy without any stress. It may involve going from one place to another to get the registration of your TAPU (Title Deed) completed but you will find its a structural process and won’t take too much time to complete.

For investors from other nations, all you need is a Turkish tax file number, a copy and translation of your passport, 2 photos and a Turkish SIM card to recieve the message from the TAPU office on time of appointment and Title Deed transaction of agreement.

This transaction of agreement will require the presence of the buyer and seller at the TAPU office where an office official will witness the signing of sales and purchase contract from the buyer and seller.

Once both parties of the contract sign the agreement and witnessed by an office official, the Title Deed will be prepared for the buyer and handed in within the hour.

How to buy land in Turkey?
Buying land
in Turkey is slightly a different process to buying an apartment or villa.

Land sales in Turkey are defined in two types:
1- Land is divided into the following zones
City center zonings
Village zonings
Town zonings

Foreigners can request to purchase a plot size on each individual tiled zoning. In this purchase, the approval of the local army must be attained prior to purchase and sign over of TAPU to the buyer. This is to ensure security of locality and land location prior to its purchase. There is a strict clause on Land purchase cause and reason prior to any land purchase considerations.
2- Field Land
This type of land purchase is based on buying land under a company name in which a Turkish registered company must be the Title signatory of the land sign over. This implies that the Land purchase and Land uses will operate under the company name and serve the company’s purpose and function.

Asides from gaining the army approval and allocating suitable land zoning according to purpose, buying land in Turkey is a simple process and straight forward when lodging Deed applications at the TAPU office.
Note: Land purchase and Title Deed registration can take up to 45 days to process.

Step-by-step guide to buying a home in Turkey
A step-by-step guide allowing foreign nationals buying property in Turkey to do so as smoothly and safely as possible.
Buying a home overseas may not be as straightforward as buying in your home country. The main reasons people sometimes think buying overseas property is risky are:
• The fear of being defrauded and losing money as well as precious time.
Differences in applicable laws and legal systems governing real estate transactions;
• Actual and/or perceived weaknesses in the legislation governing foreign nationals buying property in the target country:
• Language barriers, particularly legal Jargon, which unfortunately exists in all countries;
• The feeling of lack of control over the process, which arises due to you not being based in the country you are purchasing in.

At Property Turkey, we fully understand and appreciate these concerns. Therefore, we’ve put solid guidelines and recommendations in place to help you buy property in Turkey in the safest and smoothest way possible. Close analysis of the best practices as well as a great deal of experience means we’re well placed to advise you how to minimize and eliminate risks.
Follow our 11-step guide to buying a home in Turkey to ensure that your dream home in the sun becomes a peaceful and rewarding reality.

11 Property Turkey’s steps to buying property in Turkey:
Step 1 – Do your research
The Turkish property market is growing day by day. There are thousands of properties for sale in Turkey and hundreds of real estate agents. Each agent will tell you different things and give different advice. Having been around for the best part of two decades, our strong points are our longevity in the market, our knowledge of Turkey and experience in dealing with more than 2000 property transactions. Conduct your own research into which region in Turkey best suits your needs, budget, and expected lifestyle. We will also provide you with diligent and frank information on all regions of Turkey, from Fethiye, Bodrum, Antalya, Kalkan to Istanbul and others. We shall also refer you to best sources for legal and technical matters involved in buying in Turkey.
Step 2 – Find the right agent
When looking for a home in Turkey, we advise you to check testimonials of different websites and compare different property agents. If they have been around for a long time, chances are they are solid and credible agents. Make sure they understand you and your requirements. If you ever get the feeling they are reading off a memorized sales pitch (and there are many of them around), then chances are they are. Move away. They are not the right agents for you.
Buying an overseas property is for most people more of a lifestyle choice than just bricks and mortar, so the agent you are dealing with needs to understand and appreciate the lifestyle you are looking at. If they can’t, then they will not have much chance of guiding you toward the right area and type of investment. Turkey is a huge country, larger than France, and four times the size of the UK, so there are big differences from region to region in terms of climate, culture and landscape. Only a knowledgeable and empathetic agent will be able to consult you in the right direction.
Step 3 – Talk to your property agent and build a good rapport
Some of us are shy of picking up the phone and talking to property agents. We do not like being “sold to and we try to avoid putting ourselves in circumstances where we might be confronted by a pushy salesperson. However, if you can’t talk openly and at length with your agent, then your agent will not be able to understand your needs and preferences. So, once you feel you have found a genuine agent, invest your time in talking to them at some length. Get to know them and let them get to know you. This is key to establishing a rapport which will in turn help and motivate your agent to do their utmost for you. This rapport will follow you all the way to Turkey and hopefully well after you have successfully purchased your new home in Turkey.
At Property Turkey, we place a great deal of importance to building a strong rapport with our clients. We don’t have a pitch in front of us or a certain property to sell sell to you. We listen to you first and then together decide where to look and what type of property would be most suitable for you. We like to understand your requirements and search in depth for unique and special homes that will meet the same. Therefore, you need to help us help you find that special place in Turkey. Step 4 – Visit Turkey before you buy
To decide whether to buy a home in Turkey you will need to visit Turkey, get to know the surroundings, and try out the local restaurants and cuisine. At Property Turkey we don’t just sell you a property: we like to sell you a lifestyle, a dream location and idyllic surroundings where you will feel comfortable and at home. If anyone tries to sell you a property on the phone, sight unseen, then beware. That’s not the way to do it.
Step 5 – Go on a Turkey property Inspection trip
A professionally organised inspection trip with a reputable company will help you in your property search to a great extent. We recommend at least four days seeing various homes with us, sorting paperwork, and getting accustomed with local scenery and lifestyle. Avoid inspection trips offered by branded developers: you will only see properties sold by this developer, which means you’ll miss out of a huge number of properties in the region. These trips are also infamous for their hard sell techniques.
Step 6 – See lots of properties to make sure you are settled on the right one
We will ensure that you visit as many properties in as many locations as possible, in a wide price range to make sure that you get value for money. During our initial talks on the phone, emails and possibly face-to-face meetings prior to your viewing trip, we will have scoped out plenty of homes and real estate in Turkey for you to see. After all, buying a home in the sun is a big decision to make – we want to ensure you make the right decision.
Step 7 – Negotiation on the price and terms of purchase
Whether you are buying a retirement villa in Turkey or an investment apartment, we will negotiate on your behalf to ensure the best possible price and terms. Our extensive networks and contacts mean we can secure significant discounts from developers as well as private sellers. This is our job, as your consultants representing you, we will do our utmost to secure the best deal possible for you. When budgeting for your purchase, keep in mind that although much lower than Spain, France and Italy, there are incidental costs associated with purchasing property in Turkey. Take these into account so you can budget accurately.
Step 8 – Reserve the property and freeze its price
Once you have found your dream home, villa, or apartment in Turkey, we will reserve the property for you so we can proceed with the purchase process. The cost of reserving real estate in Turkey is generally around £1,000 (Euro 1,100) and is non refundable. This amount is given to the seller as a reservation deposit and is deducted from the agreed purchase price. However, if having reserved the property, you then decide not to proceed with buying it, the reservation deposit is lost.
Step 9 – Appoint a solicitor by power of attorney to conclude the purchase for you
The easiest way to purchase a property in Turkey is by granting power of attorney to a solicitor in Turkey to conclude the deal on your behalf. This saves you time, means you don’t need to stay in the country while the purchase is going through, and ensures your purchase will be as smooth as possible without any hitches or hiccups. At Property Turkey we have worked with many qualified and highly recommended solicitors and will introduce you to a lawyer during your inspection trip. You are of course welcome to select your own solicitor.
Step 10 – Conduct final completeness check on the property
After signing contracts, the purchase should take around four weeks to complete. Your appointed solicitor will during this process make all necessary checks on the property – including title check and municipality check to guarantee that the property is freehold registered in your name. NOTE: Since March 2019, military clearance is no longer required on properties. Step 11 – Receiving of title deed (TAPU)
The final step to complete your real estate purchase in Turkey is registering your Turkish TAPU (or title deed). Once we have secured all paperwork and both sides have carried out their contractual obligations – your home will be registered to your name and you will receive the title deed (TAPU) to your new home in Turkey.

For more information, you can contact us through communication ways and “Sell Property Turkey” professional team will connect to you online.

چگونه در ترکیه ملک و زمین خریداری کنیم؟

در ابتدا سرمایه گذاران از سایر کشورها، به یک شماره پرونده مالیاتی ترکیه ، یک کپی و ترجمه گذرنامه خود ، 2 قطعه عکس و یک سیم کارت ترکی برای دریافت پیامک از دفتر اسناد رسمی (تاپو) در زمان تعیین .وقت برای انتقال سند احتیاج دارید

.این معامله با حضور خریدار و فروشنده در دفتر اسناد رسمی (تاپو) نیاز دارد که یک مقام دفتری به هنگام انتقال سند شاهد امضای قرارداد توسط خریدار و فروشنده باشد
.هنگامی که هر دو طرف قرارداد توافق نامه را امضا کردند و توسط یک مقام دفتری شاهد شدند، سند مالکیت برای خریدار تهیه می شود و ظرف مدت یک ساعت تحویل میگردد

چگونه می توان در ترکیه زمین خریداری کرد؟
.خرید زمین در ترکیه کمی متفاوت از خرید آپارتمان یا ویلا است
:فروش زمین در ترکیه در دو نوع تعریف می شود
1-فروش زمین بر اساس منطقه بندی
الف) منطقه بندی مرکز شهر
ب) منطقه بندی روستاها
ج) مناطق شهری
خارجی ها می توانند در هر منطقه بندی آجرکشی شده جداگانه ، درخواست خرید اندازه قطعه زمین را بدهند. قبل از خرید تاپو(سند مالیکیت) باید به تأیید ارتش محلی رسیده تحویل خریدارشود. این امر برای اطمینان از .امنیت .محل و موقعیت زمین قبل از خرید آن است. قبل از هرگونه ملاحظه خرید زمین، سختیهایی در مورد علت خرید زمین نیز وجود دارد
2- زمین صحرایی
این نوع خرید زمین براساس خرید زمین با نام شرکتی است که در آن یک شرکت ثبت شده ترکیه باید امضا کننده عنوان زمین باشد. این بدان معنی است که خرید زمین و کاربری های زمین تحت نام شرکت عمل می کنند .و در خدمت هدف و عملکرد شرکت هستند
علاوه بر به دست آوردن تأیید ارتش و اختصاص منطقه بندی مناسب زمین بر اساس هدف، خرید زمین در ترکیه یک پروسه ساده و مستقیم به هنگام ثبت درخواست های سند در دفتر اسناد رسمی (تاپو) است.
توجه: پردازش خرید زمین و سند مالکیت ممکن است 45 روز طول بکشد.

راهنمای گام به گام خرید خانه در ترکیه
.راهنمای 11 مرحله ای ما برای خرید خانه در ترکیه را دنبال کنید تا اطمینان حاصل کنید که خانه رویایی شما به واقعیتی دلپذیروآرامش بخش تبدیل خواهد شد
:11 اقدام ترکیه برای خرید ملک در ترکیه
.مرحله 1 – تحقیق خود را انجام دهید
.مرحله 2 – نماینده مناسب را پیدا کنید
.مرحله 3 – با نماینده املاک خود صحبت کنید و روابط خوبی ایجاد کنید
.مرحله 4 – قبل از خرید از ترکیه دیدن کنید
.مرحله 5 – به یک سفر بازرسی املاک ترکیه بروید
.مرحله 6 – بسیاری از املاک را ببینید تا مطمئن شوید که در یک محل مناسب قرار گرفته اید
.مرحله 7 – مذاکره در مورد قیمت و شرایط خرید
.مرحله 8 – رزرو ملک مورد نظر و توافق قیمت نهایی آن
.مرحله 9 – یک وکیل با وکالت تعیین کنید تا خرید را برای شما به پایان برساند
.مرحله 10 – بررسی نهایی کامل بودن ویژگی را انجام دهید
.مرحله 11 – دریافت سند مالکیت (تاپو)
آخرین مرحله برای تکمیل خرید املاک و مستغلات در ترکیه ثبت سند مالکیت (تاپو ترکی) شما است. هنگامی که همه مدارک را تأمین کردیم و هر دو طرف تعهدات قراردادی خود را انجام دادند، سند ملک به نام شما .ثبت می شود و سند مالکیت (تاپو) را برای خانه جدید خود در ترکیه دریافت خواهید کرد

.برای کسب اطلاعات بیشتر، می توانید از طریق راه های ارتباطی با ما تماس بگیرید و تیم حرفه ای “فروش املاک ترکیه” بصورت آنلاین به شما متصل می شوند